Making Makeup a Mission: Join us at the inaugural Chemistry Summit 2024!

Making Makeup a Mission: Join us at the inaugural Chemistry Summit 2024!

Can makeup be used for social Good? To change the world for the better? For community service? The answer is absolutely Yes!

To be sure, Makeup itself is a Mission. Formulating & Manufacturing THEE perfect hue of neon pink or the richest black cherry is enough. Makeup doesn't NEED an alternative purpose to justify itself.

The right lipstick during a job interview can make a person feel so good it raises their vibration. Their confidence is at its ultimate peak level and there's no descent.

And Lip Gloss, for example, is in reality a lip protectant. The lips require a shield from the wind and other environmental elements. We're just unaware of the need because we always have some type of lip balm or lip oil or some kind of lipid around our faces so we don't miss it. If there is ever a shortage of lip moisturizer or skin moisturizer for that matter we'd be constantly seeking it.

So makeup doesn't need a second job. It in itself is a game changer.

Makeup is a multi tasker. Makeup can have skincare benefits and also be an agent of expression. Just because it has even more facets of positive attributes let's position cosmetics for social good. For humanity. To improve Quality of Life for the beings on the planet.

Yes. We can wield Makeup as a Change Agent.

Here at the Chemistry Summit, we position makeup formulating & manufacturing to elevate innovation and wealth opportunities in our communities.

With STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math] at the forefront of salary based compensation, we figure that we can advance wealth by leveraging the technology related to Cosmetic Chemistry, Cosmetic Science, Manufacturing Technology, and Graphics Technology.

We also know that we can start early by introducing STEM Education & Careers to teens by demonstrating to the connection between Makeup & STEM.

We facilitate STEM Trainings in our Summit, Masterclasses, virtual and in-person boot camps, STEM enrichment curriculum for teenagers and more. We've developed curriculum, written books, setup demonstrations at career fairs, and talked with beauty enthusiasts and teens about Chemistry, Engineering, and Math from coast to coast across the United States.

Through research we know that individuals with STEM degrees earn approximately $3.4 million more over a lifetime than other degrees. $3.4 million is healthcare. It's nourishing foods. It's childcare. It's tuition. It's a gym membership. School clothes. Sports participation. Music lessons. Travel. Vacations. Elder care. Shelter.

Makeup is a Mission because it can do all of this and more because it's a catalyst. The chemist & manufacturer & influencer are working in concert to bring forth beauty from the ground, from the earth, and combine them with the shades, tints,\

\and hues that surround our spaces.

We're imitating Nature. We're collaborating with plants. And utilizing what the lab brings forth through the logic of the scientist.

It seems only appropriate that Makeup is a Mission. It beautifully tells the truth about our Selves. That we're vibrant. Colorful with hues of Ebony to Ivory. That we're expressive. And protective.

As you build your Brand, add another Cause to it if you'd like. Choose something authentic to you.

You can designate a portion of your profits to donate to a charity you believe in. You can offer bulk discounts to a Community Service organization.

You can setup Makeup Beauty Bars for high school students in need who really want to go to the Prom.

You can create a whole collection of makeup to a cause and customize specific colors, names, and packaging to bring awareness where needed.

You can design gift sets that organizations can use in their fundraising silent auctions. You can establish eco-friendly practices and sponsor recycling efforts.

Establishing a brand with a purpose can also fuel your efforts and assist you in gaining exposure for your products & initiatives. Your motivation just has to be authentic.



So are you ready to take your beauty brand to the next level? Join us for our very own Makeup Mission, the inaugural Chemistry Summit Online, where we are teaming up with chemistry Ph.D. Dr. Greta Garner Flowers to bring you a wealth of color cosmetic chemistry resources. This is your opportunity to turn your makeup brand dreams into reality.

You can look forward to a lineup of expert speakers, workshops, and resources that will help you transform your career in the beauty industry. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, there will be something for everyone.

Follow us on Instagram for all the latest updates on the Chemistry Summit Online. Be the first to know when tickets go on sale and secure your spot at this must-attend event.

We can't wait to see you there!

What are your ideas for making Makeup a Mission? Keep thinking and strategizing and collaborating the your community and fans.

You can certainly change the world with lipstick!  Join us in MAKING MAKEUP A MISSION!

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