Secure Your Spot for the May 18, 2024 Liquid Matte Lipstick Production Masterclass

Secure Your Spot for the May 18, 2024 Liquid Matte Lipstick Production Masterclass

Are you ready to take your beauty brand to the next level? Secure your spot for our upcoming live Zoom Lipstick Masterclass on May 18, 2024. This session will focus on Module 5 of our complete series, where you will learn the intricate process of creating a stunning liquid matte lipstick.

What to Expect

During the masterclass, our expert will provide a detailed, step-by-step demonstration on how to produce one color of liquid matte lipstick. You will gain valuable insights into the formulation process, pigment selection, and production techniques that will help you achieve high quality products every time.

Limited Tickets Available

Seats for this exclusive masterclass are limited, so be sure to secure your spot early. Get in on this opportunity to learn from an industry professional and elevate your color cosmetic manufacturing skills to the next level.

Special Bonus

As a participant, you will also receive the full 7-module e-book series, packed with additional tips, insight, and resources to help you efficiently start your own makeup business. This comprehensive guide will serve as a valuable reference as you embark on your beauty journey.

Join in on this unique opportunity to enhance your lipstick-making skills and take your passion for makeup to new heights. Join us for our next live Zoom Lipstick Masterclass on May 18, 2024, and unlock the secrets to creating the perfect liquid matte lipstick.

You can also access the entire 7-module masterclass in PDF format, complete with how-to videos at

The complete series is available for purchase in paperback on Amazon at Simply visit the link to access the course and start your journey towards becoming a liquid matte lipstick manufacturing expert.

Get started today and take your skills to the next level!

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